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I will help you 

transform your financial confidence and improve your relationship with money.

My name is Nick Thompson. I have the knowledge and understanding to offer you a powerful financial coaching experience. I will transform your financial confidence and improve your money mindset.

Are you worried about your finances?

If so, you are not alone. Three quarters of adults experience some form of financial stress each year. More so at life transition points. Changes in jobs, relationships and circumstances often bring increased stress.

Money management can be very confusing. Many of us are uncomfortable understanding and organising our finances. I will help you to feel empowered and relaxed, happy in the knowledge that your money is serving you.

So what is Financial Coaching?

Well it combines financial education and mindset change. Financial coaching gives you greater confidence around your financial situation and improves your financial wellbeing. We will look at what habits you want to change and understand the reasons behind some past behaviours.

Together, we will overcome stumbling blocks and limiting beliefs which may have stopped you achieving your goals. Old beliefs will be reframed and new habits formed. Your money mindset will improve and you will feel financially empowered.

Why not schedule a brief video call to tell me your story. We'll see if we hit it off together and discuss how I might help.

So how will I help you?

I use a blend of coaching and mentoring to help you set and achieve your goals. I will help you formulate your goals and develop a robust plan to give you the financial future you wish for. I will not though, offer any financial advice on regulated products. 

Who do I help?

I can help most people but my coaching tends to be most valuable when people are at, or approaching a crossroads in life. This could be a career change, selling a business or planning for retirement. This could also be when contemplating marriage, when a relationship is ending or even bereavement. At these transitional life moments, an understanding of your finances is paramount and requires careful navigation. I have over 25 successful years of financial experience ranging from property to pensions to investments and much more. At this point in your life, it is vital that you look forward to the future with confidence and with a plan in place. 

What areas can I help you with?

  • Emotions around money.

  • Sensible spending and budgeting.

  • Increased financial education.

  • Achieving financial security.

  • Money and relationships.

  • Investing for the future.  

  • Financial life planning.

We begin with a blank sheet of paper and build from there. We will develop strategies and importantly, I will hold you accountable. Vitally important, but a lack of accountability is often something that prevents success. As your accountability partner, I will hold you to your goals and actions. Why not take the first step, message me today, and tell me what is it you wish to achieve. 

So how do we take this further?

Our relationship might start with a single coaching session, or be more comprehensive. I offer 3 financial coaching packages, lasting up to 3 months depending on your goals. We generally begin with a broad challenge or goal and then focus in on success and developing life changing habits. So why not make an investment in yourself? A single coaching session with me will be £149.  A package of 3 sessions is £395 and my most in depth and comprehensive package of 6 sessions is £745. I generally find that meetings work best if held approximately every 2 weeks and maintains momentum.  Please connect with me for more information on these packages. I coach via video call or face to face in my garden office in South Manchester.  

My only requirement from clients is that you are committed to the process. Without this commitment from both of us, our chance of success is greatly reduced.

Remember, whatever challenges you are facing right now, you are not alone. Get in touch and take those first steps towards your improved financial confidence.

Not only did I get answers and a clear plan of action,

I felt galvanised and inspired to actually implement the plan, which felt very achievable. Nick is both very knowledgeable and approachable.

Money isn't often an easy subject to discuss, for many reasons, but Nick created an environment in which I felt comfortable discussing everything I needed to.”

Tom P

I found Nick to be non-judgmental and very experienced about financial matters. Nick has a calm and reassuring manner and is willing to be challenging in a supportive way.

Our video coaching sessions were well structured and flowed. At the end of each session, we had set mini goals to work on and by the end of our time together we had successfully covered the whole topic I wanted to address - my relationship with money, which had broken. 

I would recommend Nick to anyone looking to review and reset the way they think about and manage their money.”

Mark H

I have recently come away from a 35 year marriage and my understanding of financial affairs was non–existent as my ex partner took care of our finances.

Most of our time together was me learning about financial matters from the ground up and understanding what I have.

We then explored my options and set goals for me to work towards.

Do contact Nick, he has a lovely way of explaining things, and has a knack of getting you to commit to and carry out actions.”

Mike M

Where Nick shines, is how he translates seemingly complex challenges into simple steps.

He listens with care and quickly inspires action with his carefully chosen questions.

I cannot recommend Nick highly enough as a coach. 

Engage with this man if you are serious about changing your relationship with success and finance.”

Andy H

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